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A vending machine in Rust

Whats In The Fridge!?

  • Feedback, Support, Account Linking, Voting, Map, & Queue Bypass
  • Promos, Wishlist, Merch, Donate, & Charity
  • The Dirty Blog & The Dirty Patriots


Do not do anything to bypass a ban on our server(s). Do not try to join with a different account if you were banned, sit it out. Any try to do so will result in additional bans.

Do not try to use any unfair advantages which were not intentially possible within the game. This includes but is not limited to accessing unaccessible areas and creating graphic errors or using graphical adjustments.

Do not use any third-party paid or free programs which provide an unfair advantage in-game. This includes scripts which can perform any action that is otherwise not possible to be performed ingame.

All food items must go in a fridge.

This aspect of the game is unregulated as we choose to take a hands-off approach to this matter.

Only players from the USA are allowed. If you still want to join the server open a ticket in 🎫fridge-support.


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Corndog Server Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

    In Game
  • Press F7 while playing on any of our servers & the The Dirty Fridge support team will get your message.
      • Discord
    • Please open The Fridge & create a ticket in 🎫support.
      • COMMANDS
    • /clan - Opens the clan menu (this is the only command you really need to use)
    • /clans help (get information about commands)
    • /clan create (create a clan)
    • /clan leave (leave from your clan)
    • /clan join (open UI with invitations)
    • /clan ff (toggle friendlyfire status)
    • /clan allyff (toggle friendlyfire status for allies)
    • /clan invite (invite a player)
    • /clan withdraw (cancel an invite)
    • /clan kick (kick a member)
    • /clan allyinvite (invite a clan to ally)
    • /clan allywithdraw (cancel the offer of an alliance)
    • /clan allyaccept (accept the offer of an alliance)
    • /clan allycancel (cancel the offer of an alliance)
    • /clan promote (promote a member)
    • /clan demote (demote a member)
    • /clan disband (disband your clan)
        • MORE INFO
      • Only generals can toggle friendly fire on/off.
      • Clans automatically share blueprints with all members.
      • Clans automatically adds all members to the tool cupboard, auto turret, and lock authorization lists.
      • Nitro Boost the Discord to add custom clan skins!
      • /buyportal - Buy a portal.
      • /clan - Opens the clan menu.
      • /craftdrone - Open Sky Base crafting menu.
      • /down - Enable downgrading mode.
      • /flip - coin flipping.
      • /kit - Get a free fridge & more!
      • /leaderboard - View in-game leaderboard.
      • /link – Link your accounts for Discord perks.
      • /pd.replace - Edit a pocket dimension.
      • /players - TP, trade, statistics, and kick.
      • /promo - Activate referral promo code.
      • /referral - This opens the referrals menu.
      • /remove - Enable removing mode.
      • /s - This opens the skinner.
      • /sb - open building settings menu.
      • /scan - Check for authorized players.
      • /sd - Skin deployed items.
      • /sil - Spruce up your base with sign artist.
      • /sort-a - Sort container alphabetically.
      • /sort-c - Sort container by category.
      • /stats - View player statistics.
      • /sym ui – Toggle UI on or off.
      • /sym toggle – Enable or disable symmetry.
      • /sym show – Display the current Symmetry Center.
      • /sym set – Define the Symmetry Center.
      • /sym delete – Remove the Symmetry Center.
      • /sym {type} – Select the Symmetry Type (N2S, N3S, N4S, N6S, M2S, M4S).
      • /thinstruction – Train home instructions.
      • /up 1-4 - Enable upgrading mode.
      • CGMtheGamer 1st player to ever donate, Xen, Rich, Loc, a_neb, Friik, SaladPhorq, noddy1911, black hole son, Premo, Trefitty, Hax0r007, King, lilToe, Pebble.
        • Thank you all very much, I sure appreciate the support. Is The Fridge running? Yes, thanks to your support!
          • ABOUT
        • There are 15 pre-made unique firework shows.
        • Firework guns let you make your own show.
            • OBTAINING ITEM
          • Referral rewards
              • USING ITEM
            • Pre-Made: Find an open area, place the firework, and enjoy the show.
            • Firework Gun: Pull the trigger.
                • MORE INFO
              • Special firework shows will go off close to wipe!
                • HOW TO USE
              • Look at the container you want to sort and type the desired chat command.
                  • COMMANDS
                • /sort-a - Sort container alphabetically.
                • /sort-c - Sort container by category.
                    • MORE INFO
                  • bind key chat.say /sort-a - Bind for alphabetical sort command
                  • bind key chat.say /sort-c - Bind for the categorical sort command
                  • 🧪live-feed
                  • 🥇player-ranks
                  • 🥈team-ranks
                  • Drop a link to your clans custom skin collection in 🎇boosters and it will be added to all servers!
                  • Map Voting will take place in 🎇boosters. You can find CCTV IDs for the current maps here as well.
                  • Giveaways will take place in ⁠🎆giveaways⁠.
                    • BUILDING A POCKET DIMENSION
                  • You can build a 3x3x3 base with only one external single door. If these rules are followed a button will appear when you open TC allowing you to convert the base to a pocket dimension in exchange for scrap.
                      • COMMANDS
                    • /pd.replace - look at a shell wall to turn it into a window or a frame, or turn a ceiling into frame and vice versa. This can be used on already deployed/converted pocket dimensions to replace a wall/ceiling without collapsing the entire dimension.
                        • MORE INFO
                      • It is highly recommended to place portals in pocket dimensions as a backup entrance.
                      • You can place pocket dimension within other pocket dimensions! Limited to 10 levels of inception.
                      • You can pick up a pocket dimension even if someone is sleeping in it.
                      • You can hide one in just the right sized rock.
                      • You cannot convert water bases into pocket dimensions.
                        • OBTAINING ITEM
                      • You can find this item in raidable bases and in The Fridge.
                          • COMMANDS
                        • /buyportal - buy a portal with scrap.
                            • REQUIREMENTS
                          • Must have building privilege to place portals.
                          • Can only be used by teammates.
                              • MORE INFO
                            • 1,000 HP
                            • Limit of 20 custom portals
                              • NUMBER OF BASES
                            • There are 1,332 different raidable bases including water bases and sky bases!
                                • WARNING
                              • 60 minutes of no damage to a base will cause it to despawn.
                              • 60 minutes after looting a base it will despawn.
                                  • MORE INFO
                                • Look for the colored map markers to find a raidable bases.
                                • They are all premium bases, full of loot with custom skins.
                                • No base will spawn twice until all bases have spawned at least once.
                                • Daily at 3:00 AM PST. More info here ❔faq.
                                  • VIDEO TUTORIAL
                                • Sky Base Tutorial
                                    • COMMANDS
                                  • /craftdrone - Open Sky Base crafting menu.
                                      • MORE INFO
                                    • The cost is 3,000 scrap for triangle air ceilings & 4,000 scrap for square air ceilings.
                                    • Map & Blueprints wipe monthly on forced wipe. Stay updated here 📌updates.